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About West River Seed

West River Seed is a locally-owned and operated seed supplier offering the best-fitting genetics for the Dakotas. While most companies use products tested nationally, West River Seed tests every hybrid and variety right here in South Dakota. 

At West River Seed, we know that South Dakota is different from most farming areas. We have unique challenges and conditions that make most genetics fall short. With a focus on drought tolerance, strong agronomics, and improved yield under stress, West River Seed finds the best genetics for your operation.
Focused on the Dakotas
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We are a South Dakota company with a focus on products that are proven to work here in the Dakotas. If it's not right for our partners, we don't carry it. We put our partners first, and only provide the hybrids and varieties that will bring more profit to our partners.

Local Partners and Dealers
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We partner with local farmers and dealers throughout the Dakotas. Through West River Seed, our Dealers and Partners are able to build profitable seed businesses that re-invest in their local communities. Providing our top-line genetics brings every farmer we work with to higher yields and higher profits.

Elite Genetics
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West River Seed sources genetics from the world's best breeding programs. Putting an emphasis on Drought Tolerance, Standability, Durable Plant Structure, and Improved Yield Under Stress, our farmers see improved yields year after year.

Higher Yields and Higher Profits
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By carefully selecting the right genetics for each field, growers are achieving their highest yields year after year with West River Seed. Higher yields bring higher profits, which means your farm will not only survive, but grow. We believe that farmers are the backbone of the Dakotas, and our goal is to make them as profitable and sustainable as they can be.

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