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South Dakota's Premier Seed Supplier

What West River Seed Has To Offer

West River Seed LLC offers the largest selection of high-quality seed genetics sourced from top breeding programs. West River Seed carries a full lineup of Corn, Sunflowers, Soybeans, Sorghum, and Alfalfa

Every Hybrid and Variety carried by West River Seed is locally tested to be sure the genetics match our unique growing environment in the Dakotas. From seed to harvest, you'll be sure to see the West River Seed difference

About West River Seed
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Product Spotlight
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Agventure 3682HE Sunflowers (68 Day)


One of the newest and highest-yielding sunflowers in the Agventure lineup, 3682HE is a best-in-class Express Sunflower. 

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AgVenture 6R01 Sorghum (100 CRM)


Exceptional Drought Tolerance combined with High Yield Potential makes 6R01 one of the best-performing sorghums for South Dakota. 

West RIver Seed started as an idea to source and supply the highest quality seed genetics that specifically fit the Dakotas. While most other seed brands view their product decisions through a national lens, West River Seed takes a local approach to seed genetic selection. Through extensive local testing, West River Seed finds the genetic lines and hybrids that are most suited for the tough conditions of farming in the Dakotas.


Things work differently out here, and you can be assured that West River Seed only sources products that are proven to work right here.

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